Benifits of Pre- Planning

  1. 0% interest installments(6/12/24/36 Month)) can reduce the financial pressure on  one-off payment, making it easier for you to plan ahead.

  2. Taking charge of your own pre-planning, and not leaving the responsibility to the next generation.

  3. Prevent inflation as prices will tend to increase over time.

  4. Pre-order according to your own requirements and preferences in every detail.(such as choosing a good niche ect.) allows you to have sufficient time to make a comparison and settle for the most ideal choice.

  5. Pre-planning for parents in advance is a filial act that allows your parents to have a satisfactory arrangement in their final course of life.

  6. Doing your own planning, when you are still able to, can help ease the family's economic burden, and adviod having to deal with sudden need when the time comes.

  7. To advoid having family members make hasty decisions during the period of bereavement when  they are down and sad.

  8. When you leaving the world, your family will inevitably feel sad, planning ahead can reduce the pressure on  the family, who do not have to worry about the funeral trivalitiers.

  9. Avoid family disputes brought about from children who may have disagreements due to their different religious beliefs.