Our Funeral Packages

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now able to offer you a comprehensive one-stop bereavement solution with the launch of our new funeral service packages:

NV Supreme and NV Longevity.

Why our funeral packages?

All-in-one package


Our funeral packages include everything that is needed for a smooth and perfect funeral so that you spend your precious time remembering your loved ones without worrying about any problems. By trying our funeral package, everything will be planned to your requests without needing to worry about it. 

Affordable price


We price our funeral packages competitively. They are not overpriced and we do not overcharge for our items and services unlike other companies. Please do give us a call for a quote on the exclusive price that we offer only to clients who call us from our website. 

Best customer support


Our company prides ourselves in offering the best customer support. We take our clients' needs seriously and are honest too. We also offer quality solutions to any situation that customers are in. If you have any queries or problems, just drop us a call and we will sort everything out for you in no time.

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Nirvana Supreme Funeral Package
Nirvana Supreme Funeral Package
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Nirvana Longevity Funeral Package
Nirvana Longevity Funeral Package
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About our funeral packages

All our funeral packages include:
  • Embalment handling and Encoffin Services

  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

  • Coordination of Funeral Service and Memorial Ceremony

  • Funeral Procession Service

  • and Cremation & Retrieval of Ashes.

The all-in-one funeral package ensures that clients will not be stressed out over the planning of their loved ones' funeral. Most things are already taken care of in the package, leaving clients free to use their time for more important things and events.

NV Longetivity and NV Supreme

NV Longetivity and NV Supreme are the two funeral packages that we offer currently. These are Chinese funerals which last for 3 days and 2 nights for the NV Longetivity package. The NV Supreme funeral package lasts for 5 days and 4 nights.

Nirvana Longevity Funeral Package
Nirvana Supreme Funeral Package

If you need more details or have any enquiries, please do contact us either by a phone call or by email. We look forward to answer any of your questions.