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We offer one-stop Funeral Service Packages for your loved ones.


Nirvana Memorial Garden offers a luxurious list of pedestal options to honour your loved ones. 


There is an endless selection of suites for you and your loved ones to choose at Nirvana Memorial Garden.


Nirvana Memorial Garden is an established and trusted brand with many branches in other countries.

Promotions and Latest News




Good news! Due to new launch of suite 71, we are having promotion for suite 71 only. Limited time offer! For more information and enquires, please contact Xiaoyu at 90272598. 


欲了解详情,请电 90272598

To know more details, please contact 9027259

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Relocation Services

Considering relocating a niche from a temple, government owned columbarium or remains from cemeteries to Nirvana Memorial Garden?

Or rather, you or someone you know is affected by the Tengah Air Base expansion which requires 80,000 graves to be exhumed?

We offer relocation services and have a special promotion right now for people who are looking to relocate to Nirvana Memorial Garden! This is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Do not miss out on this amazing promotion!

Do not hesitate to call us for more information and we will assist you with the relocation!

Why Nirvana Memorial Garden?

Peace of Mind

Planning in advance

Free Consultation and Site Tour

After-sales service

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In Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore, we strive to have a peaceful environment for you to remember your loved ones. Buying a suite or niche in Nirvana Memorial Garden is a pre-planning measure for your peace of mind in the future.

Pre-planning allows you to select a suite in Nirvana according to your own requirements. Also, you will not leave the responsibility to the next generation.

We strive to give you our best recommendations and advice on your situation. Free site tours are also given . Simply give us a call and we will be happy to serve you.

We offer excellent after-sales service on your purchases, be it suites, funeral packages, or even traditional offerings. If you have any doubts or inquiries about any products, we are ready to assist you.